Thursday, January 22, 2009

public toilet near Garut, West-Java, Indonesia

Dear all,

If you like to make aquaintance with layers of green, slimy mildew whilst on the toilet...this is definitely one of the best places for you ;)

I saw this during my trip to Indonesia 2007. Was some kind of restaurant near the Papandayan volcano near Garut, West-Java. When I came back from the toilet wasn´t hungry anymore. Bad luck for the restaurant, hehe.

Mhhh...if you are in this area, try to find the place...would like to know if they cleaned it up during the last years :)


  1. How in hell do you find these wonderful toilets everywhere? Slimy green stuff is my favorite!

  2. amazing!! I hope I won't be so lucky to visit such toilet!

  3. People, don't be pessimistic please.
    back home I live in the country side and I have almost the same toilet.
    they are good.

  4. Oh my! I'm sitting in the USM library watching this website and try not to laugh out loud! hahaha... this is such a disgusting ääähm - thing! i've got goosebumbs all over... :-(