Wednesday, January 21, 2009

evaluation women´s toilet Guerney Plaza, Penang

Gurney Plaza in Georgetown, Penang, ist the second largest mall on the island. It´s a place visited by plenty of tourists and quite an upmarket location. Due to this it seems that they set a high value on having attractive toilets for their customers.
  • Costs? FREE
  • selling tissues? no
  • Cleanliness? 4 of 5 Stars
  • Type? Western & Asian
  • Toilet shower? yes
  • Soap on tap? yes
  • hand drying? electric hand dryer
Same as in Queensbay Mall, they have a changing room for babies which is highly appreciated from my side. If they would make some small improvents like for example offering free tissues in their toilets (especially cause there are so many western tourists who are used to this), it would be a nearly perfect public toilet. But anyway it can be highly recommended!

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  1. Gurney provide good toilets I agree! Make people happy. Thank you for blog, I like it so much.