Sunday, January 18, 2009

Welcome to the World of Toilets

Hello everybody,

welcome to the blog 'world of toilets'.
This blog that will hopefully become a movement to improve public toilets in Penang or even worldwide is part of a project of the class 'Globalisation, CyberCulture and Future Studies' at Science University of Malaysia (USM).

who are we?
We are four exchange students from Finland and Germany:

(from Bremen, Germany): I´ve experienced some really disgusting public toilets the last years...(will show you some examples later on)...This Blog is an interesting attempt to make this world a place of better toilets, don´t you think so? Participate!

Dennis (originally from Germany, studying in Utrecht, the Netherlands): I've always wondered what the meaning of life was, and figured whatever it is in the end, we all just want to live a happy life. Sometimes, small things matter the most: like a comfortable place when you really need to relieve yourself. So, let's make this world a happier world - together :)

(from Tampere, Finland): Shit happens, especially when you least expect it. Ain´t it nice!

from Finland, I have been in many places and seen a lot of disgusting things and all I can say is that there is certainly nothing worse than toilet that could make you vomit only by its smell. So hopefully with this blog we can change that:
"So say no to sickening toilets, and yes to pleasure&comfort!"

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