Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Women´s toilet in Queensbay Mall

Really, you can find toilet from every corner of this mall!
  • Costs? FREE
  • Selling tissues? free (hand drying)
  • Cleanliness? 4 ½ of 5 Stars
  • Type? Western & Asian
  • Toilet shower? yes (outside the toilets, there´s free paper available)
  • Soap on tap? yes
  • Hand drying? electric hand dryer + paper

All in all, Queensbay Mall is clean and super comfortable experience compared to many many others! Or what?


  1. Wow! This toilet is having a color scheme which is not only 'romantic' but ladylike any man who carelessly enter this cubicle dares not even unzip and knows it's a big mistake of encroaching into the wrong territory!

    Public toilets along the highway lay-by are quite well maintained too! They worth our apploud.....

  2. thanks for the tip, i suppose we'll evaluate some toilets along the highway in due time as well... :)

  3. Also Queensbay is best!