Tuesday, January 20, 2009

public toilet in Taman Negara, Kuala Tahan Village

Attention: If your are a bit prissy with dirty toilets, please, don´t enlarge this picture!
This kind of "worst case scenario" of a public toilet is located at the Taman Negara National Park, Kuala Tahan Village, near the river. There was no Photoshop editing on this picture, I swear! :) I´m sure it has not been cleaned up since decades...but anyway it still seems to be in use! Sometimes, it might be the better choice to search for a bush instead of using the toilet, don´t you agree?


  1. well i didnt expect the picture of your disgusting toilet to be that big and disgusting. Im glad you put all your efforts into evaluating public toilets since somehow it needs to be done by somebody ;) just joking great website, i did subscribe already

  2. Soooo disgusting! These types of ugly toilets most likely could be found in coffee shops, restaurants, public wet markets etc. I will prefer to piss by the road side rather than entering to see this kind of 'shits' which makes me puke!

    Toilets in club house, hotels are normally well kept and with pleasant aura some more. Those in the cinemas, sorry, they are no better than the coffee shop ones! I being to China, those toilets in the big restaurants in the 5-star hotels are clean and with a mini DVD for viewing while customers are pissing! Public toilets in the tourist spots are terror! They not only dirty and stink like dead corpse of rats!

    How about those in your Countries?....

  3. Yes, this one was really really nauseous!! And especially in public wet markets i´ve experienced some other toilets not much better than this one!

    Wooh...they have toilets with mini DVD in China?? That´s crazy :) Did u take a pictures?! Would really like to show this on the Blog!!

    In fact, there are also disgusting public toilets in germany...at the rest areas at highways for example. Better relieve yourself in the nature if u stop there;)

  4. hello again.
    that is bad.
    my toilet is much better.
    don't go to such toilets.