Monday, February 9, 2009

Portable Toilets

This time, I would like to introduce an idea adopted in the Netherlands. In Europe, young people like to drink alocohol at night, or just go a little crazy sometimes. Often, there is the problem that someone really needs to pee, but there is just no public toilet around.
Now, Holland thought how to solve this?
Just too often, guys pee on walls of houses, or other public places. This is of course not so nice, and especially the residents don't like that.

Thus, Holland introduced portable pissoirs:

So now, men can easily go in many places in most of the Dutch cities.

However, since the toilet is open, everyone can watch them people release themselves.. Is it nice??

What do you think? Is this a common problem in Malaysia (or your country) as well?
Do you think this is a good option to solve this problem? (It certainly is very cheap!) But what about girls? And what about that everyone can watch - would you (as a man) use this kind of toilet?

Give us your comments :)


  1. I think this is a great idea. But it does not work for every country no?

  2. I´m from germany and have seen toilets like this on big festivals in germany. It´s useful, sure, but I don´t like it so much. Everybody can watch you while peeing and this is a bit embarrassing. For yourself and also for the other people. But ok, it´s better than peeing on houses or somewhere else!

  3. Yeah, we have these also in Finland especially at festivals! There people are usually pretty wasted, so guys, does is really bother anymore if someone sees you peeing?

  4. Good point Emma. I think at festivals (where alcohol is included) these are just perfect..

    But as normal toilets in the streets? Well, in Holland people don't mind... at least they are used very frequently...

    What about some opinions from Malaysia / any comments?

  5. eeeh so strange !!!!

  6. wow! it's interesting! but I think not all men will use it. but.. who knows! :)

  7. I´m a student from malaysia (female). Actually i would not be very happy to see men peeing like this! Don´t dutch women feel the same?

  8. The one on the picture is the most basic. There are more elaborate models, some in the shape of a spiral so that people cannot really see you performing your deed. That way, it's a bit less embarassing, and a better sight for people nearby.

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