Tuesday, February 3, 2009

evaluation women´s toilet at restplace on Bangkok´s Chon Buri Motorway, near Phimpha

This was really a unique public toilet. Well maintained, totally clean, with nice surroundings and special features ;)
When you walk along from the restaurant of the motorway´s restplace to the new-built toilet house, you have to pass a small bridge crossing a little lake located in a lush garden.
At the entrance there is a rack offering free slipper-shoes to avoid walking in the toilet with your dirty street shoes. Big rolls of toiletpaper are offered for free and silent chillout music floats over your head while relieving yourself. Really a state of the art toilet, wow!

  • Costs? FREE
  • selling tissues? no, but free paper in big rolls
  • Cleanliness? 5 of 5 Stars
  • Type? Asian
  • Toilet shower? yes
  • Soap on tap? yes
  • hand drying? electric hand dryer and paper


  1. WOW! :p
    that's what a toilet should be like - a place to feel comfortable, relax, sleep, live, watch tv, errrr... well almost. but anyway, great example of how a place can make their customers feel good :)

  2. most of the public toilets in thailand are grades above those in malaysia. we are far behind..

  3. Hi Justin,
    I have to agree with u. My wife is from Thailand and everytime we´re there to visit family, i recognize all this clean toilets there.

  4. Salam.
    I love that kinda toilets.
    I've been there. Would love to visit them again.

    Thank u.