Monday, March 16, 2009

toilet evaluation Sungai Nibong Bus Station, Penang

Here is another public toilet example from beautiful Penang Island. Probably all of you have already been at the Sungai Nibong Bus Station near the USM. Most long-distance busses to other places in Malaysia leave from here. Therefore, the public toilets here are highly frequented.
  • Costs? 20 Cent
  • Tissues? 30 Cent
  • Cleanliness? 3 of 5 Stars
  • Type? western & asian
  • Toilet shower? yes
  • Soap on tap? yes
  • Hand drying? no hand dryer and no hand paper

Offering a hand-dryer could improve the situation! What i´d like to mention is, that the people collecting the money at the entrance are always friendly. Once (it was the day I first arrived in Penang) after a long journey when I was very exhausted I did not bring my purse up to the first floor where the toilets are located. So I asked the lady sitting there if she could make an exeption to let me use the toilet for free. She was so kind to let me in without paying the fee! Thanks to the nice staff :)


  1. Very frequented place! Not really clean but ok.

  2. I must say that look really nice compared to some of the stops i've been on... a couple of which were outhouse portable toilets...yuck.