Monday, March 23, 2009

Time for Action!

Good day everybody. Since some of our toilet evaluations could unfortunately not score with many points, we decided to send letters so that the managment will hopefully take some action to improve the cleanliness or general state of the toilets.

First, we sent a letter to Komtar (see evaluation here).
This is the letter:


Prangin Mall JMB – MPPP/COB/JMB-104/2008
Level 5, Prangin Mall
No 33, Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong
10100 Penang

Dear Mr. Heng Ah Leak,

We are writing to you concerning the state of toilets in Prangin Mall.

We are students at Universiti Sains Malaysia and running the initiative ‘World of Toilets’ which evaluates toilets in public and commercial buildings throughout mainly Penang, and also wider Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Our blog can be found at

This project is under the advisory of CP-TAG USM (Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy Transdisciplinary Action Group of Universiti Sains Malaysia), chairperson Dr. Reevany Bustami.

We are writing to you as compared to other public toilets we feel that the state of toilets in Prangin Mall are not satisfactory at all. Our evaluations found the toilets to be wet and/or not clean, despite charging money which according to our information serves as extra revenue for additional work (cleaning) and maintenance for the toilets.

We would like to urge you that clean and comfortable toilets are not only vital to health but also well-being of people, which makes visitor want to come more often. Especially if visitors have to pay to enter toilets, clean toilets should be a given.

The toilet evaluation of Prangin Mall can be found here:

Please note that compared to other evaluations throughout Penang and Malaysia, Prangin Mall has been evaluated as one of the worst toilets.

Other evaluations as well as research regarding public toilets and further information:

We will appreciate any response or immediate action very much.
Kind regards,
Anja Heise, Emma Kuronen, Dennis Keller


  1. Unfortunately, we never got a reply :(

  2. ur blog is interesting ... first time here and made me smile! :)

    have fun ...followed u by the way!