Wednesday, March 11, 2009

so nothing can go wrong (Dann kann ja nichts mehr schief gehen)

Dear World-of-Toilets visitors. Today, our visitor Madi ( would like to share his/her thoughts with you. The following are his/her own comments:

Ja ich gebe ja zu die Relevanz dieses Filmes ist etwas fraglich, aber seht selbst
(translation from world-of-toilet team: well, I admit the relevance of this film is rather questionable but see for yourself:)

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  1. hahaha classic! also note shimajiro's other videos, though watch out with the english subtitles: not all of them in all videos are actually what is being said...
    I'm sure this helps a lot of kids in Japan ;)

    Thanks for the nice and funny contribution to the blog.

  2. so funny hahahahahaha ^^